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The TAS Group does an annual survey of sales people, sales managers and sales executives to uncover industry trends that point to high sales performance.  The analysis is global, cross industry and includes SMB, mid market and large enterprises.

While a formal research paper (and supporting inforgraphic) will be available shortly, here are the sales performance metrics that are thought provoking and immediately usable in your sales productivity programs.

Here are the ones I believe are material and can be acted on immediately.

  • 2/3
    of sales people have not been hitting quota in the last 3 years
  • Sales
    people spend 2.5 hours/week doing sales forecasts
  • Sales
    to 76% accurate
  • 52%
    of sales people are effective at accessing key executives
  • 40%
    of sales people struggle uncovering customers’ problems
  • Sales and marketing alignment adds 25% to quota achievement and 15% win rates
  • Sales quota up 15% when sales people contribute to company strategy
  • High performers are 2.5 times more likely to be great qualifiers relative to the rest of the sales population

Here is a link to last year’s survey results and the infographic that presents the data visually.  Click here to access it.

Also, here is a short video sharing why I joined as TAS as an Advisor.

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Elay Cohen

Elay Cohen

Elay Cohen is the author of SalesHood: How Winning Sales Managers Inspire Sales Teams to Succeed and the co-founder of SalesHood, a SaaS sales enablement platform and community for sales professionals. Elay is the former Senior Vice President of Sales Productivity at Salesforce. Recognized as the company's "2011 Top Executive", and credited for creating and executing all of Salesforce's sales productivity programs that accelerated its growth from $300M to $3B+ in revenue. The sales training and sales support innovations delivered over these years by Elay and his team to thousands of sales reps resulted in unprecedented hypergrowth. He also created the Partner Relationship Management (PRM) category.

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