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Hello sales managers,

We’re excited to start sharing with you more about what SalesHood is.  Our VIP Beta program is going great and sales teams are realizing improvements in pipeline quality and sales cycle time.  Sales managers are using SalesHood to help sales teams qualify deals together while also sharpening sales skills.  A revolution in sales team enagement is happening.

We’ve created a solution for sales managers to facilitate better sales team engagement through best practice sharing and team based learning. If you’re selling technology or if you’re a start up, SalesHood is for you. SalesHood is hands on and very action oriented. As the former Senior Vice President, Sales Productivity at, I’m excited to share this amazing new solution with every technology company. Do you want to sell the way account executives sell? Do you want to apply principles like urgency, compelling events and discovery to every one of your customer interactions? Do you want to improve pipeline quality and sales cycle time?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then SalesHood is for you.

We invite you to try SalesHood and start using it right away with your sales teams.  You still have time to make this year an even bigger year for your business.  After being invited to the SalesHood community, you’ll gain access to a library of best practice videos, real life exercises and deal review templates created for technology companies.   There is nothing else like this available today.

Below is an example of one short video we created. We have many more….In this short video, sales teams are engaged and sales managers are empowered with tools reinforcing the importance of uncovering compelling events in sales campaigns.  The sales manager becomes the ultimate coach in SalesHood. The video opens a sequence of team based exercises designed to foster best practice sharing. Check it out.

So what’s next?  Are you ready to jump in and take your sales team meetings to the next level? Do you want to experience, first hand, the evolution in sales team engagement? Do you want to nurture a culture of best practice sharing in every one of your sales team meetings?  We’re ready to partner with you.  Try SalesHood now.

We hope you enjoy this pre-launch glimpse into SalesHood.

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About the Author
Elay Cohen

Elay Cohen

Elay Cohen is the author of SalesHood: How Winning Sales Managers Inspire Sales Teams to Succeed and the co-founder of SalesHood, a SaaS sales enablement platform and community for sales professionals. Elay is the former Senior Vice President of Sales Productivity at Salesforce. Recognized as the company's "2011 Top Executive", and credited for creating and executing all of Salesforce's sales productivity programs that accelerated its growth from $300M to $3B+ in revenue. The sales training and sales support innovations delivered over these years by Elay and his team to thousands of sales reps resulted in unprecedented hypergrowth. He also created the Partner Relationship Management (PRM) category.

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